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dual conveyor belt broiler

                                      Holman Conveyor Broiler #2206

bulletextra heavy-Duty conveyor broiler is ideal for smaller hamburger operations
bulletdeep load-Up area - 2 to 4 patties wide, 3 to 6 patties deep
bulletcase, sides and broiler exterior stainless steel; chassis 18ga. stainless steel
bulletblack aluminum finish 6" legs
bulletconveyor belts driven by variable speed aC motor
bullet12 fused quartz radiant heaters, four above and eight below conveyor belt.
bulletsave energy during slow periods by turning off the bottom elements, they require only a short time to come to full power
bulletstandard equipment includes unload pans, reflector plate, grease pan and grease slide
bulletavailable in model #1200 which is 20" deep with one   11 3/8" Wide conveyor belt


28 1/2" deep, 21 1/2" high, 52 1/2" long

one belt 11 3/8" wide and one belt 5 3/8" wide

Holman Conveyor Broiler Certifications

208V/60Hz/1 phase (47.6amps.)

208V/60Hz/3 phase (27.7amps.)

240V/60Hz/1 phase (41.3amps.)

240V/60Hz/3 phase (24.1amps.)


Continuous research leads to ongoing product improvements; therefore, these specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.

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